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The history of the enterprise formation goes back to the Grodno City Dairy Integrated Works established in 1938. At this stage, the production capacity of the integrated works was up to 10 tons per shift.

  • For the purposes of expansion and increase of the amounts of production, the first reconstruction was carried out in 1967, making it possible to raise the production capacity up to 50 tons of milk per shift.
  • In 1993, the second major reconstruction was carried out, allowing the enterprise output up to 240 tons per day.
  • In November, 1996, Grodno Dairy Integrated Works was converted into Grodno Molkombinat OJSC.

Milk acceptance

Milk bottling section

N.K. Yeryomina, an operator of a bottle-capping automatic machine

Milk tank washing section

Receiving and processing section

The enterprise was established with its current name in accordance with the Decision of the Administration of Grodnoinvest Free Economic Zone dated 22.05.2007, No.30; according to this decision, Grodno Molkombinat OJSC was renamed Molochny Mir OJSC.

This is the list of enterprise heads (according to archive data) at various times:

  • V.G. Kudin(1948 – 1951 )
  • S.K. Sorokin (1951 – 1952 )
  • M.M. Vanyukevich (1952 – 1954 )
  • M.F. Vorontsov (1954 – 1955 )
  • V.G. Sazonov (1955 – 1966 )
  • I.M. Myshko (1966 – 1969 )
  • T.P. Zvonaryova (1969 )
  • R.A. Anikina (1969 – 1982 )
  • I.V. Shishko (1982 – 2011 )

From 2012 until now, the enterprise head is Marina Yevgenyevna Anikeeva.

Now, Molochny Mir OJSC is among the gross product makers in Grodno Region and in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus, and it is justly considered as the leader in dairy industry of the Republic of Belarus.

Molochny Mir OJSC is focused on production of whole milk products, ice cream, butter, and cheeses: hard, soft and melted. Also, the share of non-milk products is not small in the production amount: water, beverages, mayonnaise. As a continuous cycle production enterprise, Molochny Mir OJSC processes about 730 tons of milk per day, with over 200 types of products in its production range.

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About the enterprise

Molochny Mir OJSC is an enterprise of high production culture. Being among the leaders in Belarus in dairy products making, the enterprise has stable financial position and rapid development dynamics.

As of today, Molochny Mir is:

  • over 1200 highly-skilled employees;
  • 5 production sites;
  • modern standards in enterprise management;
  • over 150 tons of tasty and high-quality products every day;
  • and over 200 product names bearing the Molochny Mir brand.
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