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The structure of Molochny Mir OJSC comprises the principal enterprise, Grodno Dairy Integrated Works, as well as 2 production milk-processing workshops and one branch::

The principal enterprise consists of the following structural subdivision of the primary production:

  • whole milk products workshop;
  • new technologies workshop;
  • butter workshop;
  • cheese production workshop;
  • drying workshop;
  • ice cream workshop;
  • water filling workshop in Porechye village.

Whole milk products include milk, cream and fermented milk products (kefir, yoghurt, sour cream, curd and curd products etc.).

Butter is a food product that is a concentrate of milk fat. High caloric value and relatively easy digestion by a human organism make it a valuable food product with a pleasant taste and odour typical only for it and with an attractive colour and consistency. The best grades of butter are made of absolutely fresh cream. That is why our butter has an especially delicate taste and pleasant odour.

Cheese is one of the most nutritious and calorific food products, with the nutritional value resulting from high concentration of the protein and fat. If you consume cheese every day, you provide an organism with one third of the necessary daily dose of calcium and phosphorus and half of the daily rate of vitamins A1, B2 and B12. The traditional technologies are used on up to date high-performance equipment to produce over 60 types of hard cheeses with various fat contents: 20 %, 30 %, 38 %, 43 %, 45 %, 46 %, 48 %, 50 %, 51 %, 55 %. Also, our company produces skimmed cheese.

Nanotechnologies are used to produce powdered demineralized whey, and it holds firmly its position at the market of exported goods.

Ice cream is a frozen sweet product made of dairy products (whole cow milk and cream) with various fillers. Among the new products are non-glazed filled waffle cones: Mocha, with coffee aftertaste; Rosy Grapefruit; and Mandarin-Orange. In wafer cups, there are plombiere ice creams with cowberry-cranberry and pomegranate tastes.

Ice cream from Molochny Mir is available in all cities of Belarus.

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About the enterprise

Molochny Mir OJSC is an enterprise of high production culture. Being among the leaders in Belarus in dairy products making, the enterprise has stable financial position and rapid development dynamics.

As of today, Molochny Mir is:

  • over 1200 highly-skilled employees;
  • 5 production sites;
  • modern standards in enterprise management;
  • over 150 tons of tasty and high-quality products every day;
  • and over 200 product names bearing the Molochny Mir brand.
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“Best cheeses”, “best milk”, “best kefir”, “best sour cream”, “best ice cream” and “best yoghurts” – these are our products that we are glad to provide to our partners and customers every day.*

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