High quality dairy products, wholesale from the manufacturer

Sales in the Republic of Belarus +375 29 139 57 60

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About the enterprise

Molochny Mir OJSC is an enterprise of high production culture. Being among the leaders in Belarus in dairy products making, the enterprise has stable financial position and rapid development dynamics.

As of today, Molochny Mir is:

  • over 1200 highly-skilled employees;
  • 5 production sites;
  • modern standards in enterprise management;
  • over 150 tons of tasty and high-quality products every day;
  • and over 200 product names bearing the Molochny Mir brand.
 Molochny Mir today


We are sure that we share our views.

It’s important for you to be the best, and you are ready to work with the best only. That’s why you are visiting the Molochny Mir website. Yes, we know your thoughts. This is also the part of our work. Only in such a way, guessing the desires of partners, really strong and successful business can be built.

“Best cheeses”, “best milk”, “best kefir”, “best sour cream”, “best ice cream” and “best yoghurts” – these are our products that we are glad to provide to our partners and customers every day.*

*according to the national and international contests

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